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Our Plaster Sand Making Machine speeds up construction process

Dry Plaster Sand Making Machine

Dry Plaster Sand Making Machine

What is Plaster Sand?

Plaster Sand is simply fine (small Grained) sand. Particle Size should range between 150 to 600 microns. Government has given a specification for plaster sand as per IS 1542:1992.

How Plaster Sand is coast effective?

Sand is manufactured from “Grit” ( below 6mm Particles), which is by product of stone
crusher. While crushing, the size below 6 mm is manufactured, which is sieved and
serrated from the metal. It is not used much in the construction industries. The
consumption of the 'grit' is very less compared to the production. Hence it is available at
very cheap rate. The sand plant is specially designed for manufacturing sand from the grit. It is a better utilization of the material. See Profitability Report

Why Akashganga's Plaster Sand Making Machine ?

  • Plaster Sand manufactured with the help of Akashganga's machine will be free from dust & to the specification of IS 1542:1992.
  • Patented positive suction system reduces power consumption & percentage of dust in final product.
  • Cost effective & with less maintenance.
  • Consistency in gradation.
  • Strong R & D facility, we can customize plant as per customers requirement.





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grinding of Sand for Internal Wall or External Wall or Ceiling Plaster

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