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Our Plaster Sand Making Machine speeds up construction process

About Plaster Sand Making Plant

Layout of Plaster Sand Making is similar to Stone crushing plant. It consist of Feeding hopper, Rotopactor, Sand Screen, conveyors/ elevators, electrical prime movers and controls, etc. For manufacturing Sand at large scale it is manufactured directly from bigger size stones up to 500 mm size. The most economical crushing ratio for making sand in Rotopactor is 1:4. Hence For making sand particles below 4mm the feed size to Rotopactor should be minus 16mm.

why Dust Free Plaster Sand?

  • Surface area of micro fine dust is more, approximately 1 kg dust has 400 sq. Meter surface area. More dust, more surface area & more surface area means increase in water cement ratio.
  • Mortar with micro fine dust shrinks after setting and develops cracks in plaster.
  • Generally plaster mortar is manually mixed. Whenever crush sand made from black stone is used color of dust & cement resembles & makes wrong impression of homogeneous mix. For homogeneous mix concrete mixer have to be used but, may not be feasible every time.
  • Cost effective.
  • Dust free crushed plaster sand gives very good strength compare to river sand.
  • Dust free sand increases workability in manual plaster.
  • No impurities such as coal, bones, seeds, shells & other decaying organic materials are present in machine made plaster sand. This increases 30 % strength of the plaster. No admixture is required.

Costing of Plaster Sand

Sand is manufactured from “Grit” ( below 6mm Particles), which is by product of stone
crusher. While crushing, the size below 6 mm is manufactured, which is sieved and
serrated from the metal. It is not used much in the construction industries. The
consumption of the 'grit' is very less compared to the production. Hence it is available at
very cheap rate. The sand plant is specially designed for manufacturing sand from the grit.
It is a better utilization of the material. See Profitability Report

Why Akashganga's Plaster Sand Making Machine ?

  • Plaster Sand manufactured with the help of Akashganga's machine will be free from dust & to the specification of IS 1542:1992.
  • Patented positive suction system reduces power consumption & percentage of dust in final product.
  • Cost effective & with less maintenance.
  • Consistency in gradation.
  • Strong R & D facility, we can customize plant as per customers requirement.
  • Dust free Sand Sample